What We Do


What We Do

Kyoger is building the easiest online tool for small to medium sized businesses to create and manage training materials and work instructions.


How It Works


How It Works



Make Processes in Minutes

• Custom templates easily create SOP’s using our custom templates.

• Easily drag and drop mulitmedia pictures and video.

• Upload PDF’s, user manuals, blueprints, schematics, and maintenance manuals.



Communicate with Your Team

Communication is central to the success of any procedure. Add messages, replies and attach files to keep communication in on central place.

A wide selection of messages features in QuickTask makes clear and accurate communication the norm in your company.

• Attach file to message
• User photo allows you to quickly identify the message poster by their profile photo
• Private, owner company only messages
• Send notification of new messages
• Send Private messages to select project members
• Archive messages
• Organize messages by category



Creating Your Message

QuickTask Chat is the perfect way to centralize company communication. Email's get lost and in many organizations field of floor team members may not have access to a desktop.

• Listing and time stamp of communications.
• Pop up notifications
• Picture and media sharing
• Multi person chat
• Messages attached to specific process
• Export messages as PDFs.
• Print option to allow for easy printing of a message.



Add People to Your Company's Process.

• Create your processes and then add the people who need the SOP's.
• Easily add people to your processes
• Ability to add user's contact details to their profile.
• Quick search of people.
• Customize Each User's Settings.
• Easily customize the user's individual settings to suit them.
• Set a user's timezone.
• Customize the date and time format that the user prefers.
• Set the start day of the weekly calendar (Monday or Sunday).






Keep Procedures and Intellectual Property Safe

With QuickTask you can keep procedures private. Each team member can acces only the procedures relevant to their job.

• Set the privacy procedures
• Allow limited or temporary access to venders and consultants.



Advanced Permission Structure

QuickTask has an advanced permission structure that lets you set up individual users and then assign their rights.

• Overall administration
• Limit access for users to certian procedures
• Limit what a user can do and see within a procedure
• Ability to set custom permissions per procedure








Trace Steffen

Founder & Chief Helper

In 2010, I formed Kyoger and today, I lead a team that helps organizations bridge the gap between their mission and their message.  In my free time I can be found hanging out with my wife Angie and my 3 crazy kids. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, singing in the shower, watching the Green Bay Packers, quoting Star Trek, and playing hockey.






Partner & Chief Pragmatist

Kenny is Kyoger's Chief Pragmatist.  He's the tread between the rubber and the road. Kenny works with customers and stakeholders to ensure the best experience when engaging with the Kyoger team. He keeps the bottom line at the top of his mind and is charged with implementing policies and procedures relevant to the values of the company and it's business model.




Alyx Sandbothe

Dream Alchemist

After showing my design skills, I was offered the chance to join the team. I now work to make others dreams a reality. I have always had a passion for art, growing up I drew everything, including my napping grandparents. When it was time for college it was a no brainer for me to go into something artistic . Choosing Graphic Technology with an emphasis in design was the choice I made.  After adding a Marketing minor, it has helped me understand what intrigues and visually appeals the consumer.


Angie Steffen

Office Manager

I joined the Kyoger 2010 after being a teacher for 7 years.  Some of my tasks for Kyoger consist of managing books for Kyoger and Quicktask.  I consider the Kyoger team to be a part of my family and it has been very exciting to watch the team grow over the years.


Paul Janssen